Tuesday, April 23, 2024

It's a Kitten!

Today we got our first glimpse of the kitten we figured was being hidden somewhere around here.  The mom cat was pregnant, then she wasn't, now, a few weeks later, we saw her come by for breakfast with one kitten in tow.  Not sure if she only had one kitten or more but the one she had with her today was so cute!

In other cat news, it was 92 degrees here yesterday so the cats were spread out over the concrete deck to keep cool!



  1. So cute! I imagine she had more than one and the rest died. If she had more than one alive, she would have brought it with her. She trusts you not to hurt her baby. Maybe it will be easier to gentle the kitten.

    1. I would love to socialize the kittens but mom cat gets absolutely hostile if anyone--person or other cat--gets anywhere near her kittens!

  2. Oh, what a precious little baby! Looks very healthy! I love black and white kitties. Heck, I love them all! Haha! I can't believe it's already so hot out there! I'm not looking forward to those days here, but I know it's coming.

  3. Oh my goodness, that kitten is ADORABLE!!!