Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I am Soooooo Cheap...

To which I hear the obligatory "how cheap are you??"  Here's some recent examples:

  • I went to pay my cell phone bill today.  The guy at the counter next to me was paying his cell phone bill and it was $108!  So I--loud enough to be clearly overheard--told the guy that was helping me that I wanted to pay my monthly pre-paid cell bill for THIRTY DOLLARS...can you believe how cheap that is?  The guy with the expensive bill looked over at me.  Maybe it will at least make him think twice about saving money.
  • When I went to buy my new laptop, I thought I was going to get a 'worst customer of the year' award.  I know the sales guys make around minimum wage with bonuses based on the extras they get customers to buy but when the guy said "you really should get an extended warranty" I said "nope" before he could even finish his sentence. Then he said "you can get a discount on antivirus software if you purchase it with your computer" to which I replied "I use Avast, it's free and works really well".  Finally, and looking dejected, he said that they also offer a pre-paid service plan in case something happens to my computer like it gets a virus or something to which the hubby said "I get viruses sometimes and she can fix those herself."  So he slinked away to retrieve my computer and didn't say anything else.  Sorry dude but I prefer my money in my pocket.
  • I was having a craving for Girl Scout cookies--the thin mints that I can eat an entire box of by myself.  I looked up their sales locations online and it looked like I would have to wait until the weekend to buy some then we went to the dollar store and I found some chocolate mint cookies--for $1--and I was overjoyed to find that they taste exactly like thin mint cookies from the Girl Scouts.  That saved me $3.50 per box (I won't say how many boxes I bought!). 
  • Finally, we were going to pay our car insurance with monthly payments (instead of a lump sum of $215 which covers six months) since now we have other bills to pay.  So hubby and I discussed it and we settled on paying the full amount out of our spending money for the next two weeks.  That will leave us a grand total of $100 for spending money until the end of the month.  I would much rather scrimp now and get a bill out of the way than pay monthly payments on anything.  So it looks like we will be eating everything in our cupboards instead of buying anything interesting for the next couple of weeks.  I also put off my haircut and color for two weeks, and I have decided to not even go near a Ross store until April lest I be tempted to buy something.
Yikes...I am pretty cheap!


  1. my cell phone bill is less than $17 a month, and if it were up to me, I wouldn't even have a cell phone. I HAVE to use up my minutes every month by calling a friend in PEI once a month, so all is not lost I guess?


  2. Wow! $17 is a great price for cell service. The cheapest pre-paid plan I can find here is $30 unfortunately...

  3. You go girl! Keep up the great work and keep making others think of how they can cut corners too :)

  4. I wish my cell phone bill was that cheap! We need to work on that.

  5. Frugal, not cheap. I always pay my car insurance in one lump sum. I think there is something called an insurance credit score, if that means anything.
    My husband loves GS thin mint cookies too. :)