Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Need a Dentist

Why is it that when you just start pulling ahead, something else happens to pull you back??  The last few days I have had a really painful tooth that actually doesn't hurt unless I chew on it.  The bummer part is that my dentist (aka my sister in law) is in Connecticut and currently we are in Las Vegas and also currently the price for round trip tickets from here to CT is around $450, each!
So I hopped on Yelp looking for reviews of local dentists.  I figured that I would get some x rays and an exam done here and if it is something major we can fly to Connecticut but if the fix would cost less than two round trip tickets to CT I would just get the tooth fixed here.
So after checking out the reviews, I chose three dentists that had good reviews and are located near where we live.  I called and asked for prices--the non insurance price since we don't have dental insurance--and found the one of the dentists was having a special for new patients.  It will cost me a whole $40 for a cleaning, exam, and full x rays.  I jumped on the deal and made an appointment for next week.  Yeah!  Now I am just crossing my fingers that it is something simple like a cavity and not something bigger like a root canal.  Getting old body is breaking down as I speak.  Blah!


  1. Forty bucks for a cleaning???? I'll bet he finds a 500 bucks worth of dental work that you'll need. lol. I'd cross my fingers for you, but my tendonitis won't let me. YES! GETTING OLD REALLLY SUCKS!!!!

  2. Please be careful. There are a small proportion of dentists out there who are scammers. They'll tell you that you need a whole lot of unnessary work. Some will say if you have "old" fillings they have mercury in them, and have to be replaced because mercury is dangerous. That is a scam.

    If there is a dental school around you, going there may be good. The dental students are supervised by a dentist, and the price is supposedly reduced.

    I had a dentist tell me to take my 4 year old to an orthodontist for braces! I didn't do that, and the subsequent dentist (I used for years afterward) told me it wasn't necessary.