Monday, April 9, 2012

My Goals for This Week

Last week's goals were a bit ambitious (read, impossible, considering I don't have a job and the cost to complete all of them would have been about $4600) so this week I will try to be a bit more realistic...

  • I want to get the box for my husband's family sent off to the Philippines. It's half done and it should cost about $200 for the TV and mailing costs.  This should be do-able.
  • I want to walk for at least an hour every day. I can easily fit this into my schedule if I am not so lazy!
  • I want to order my mother's birth and death certificates (this would be $40 instead of $160 for mom, grandma, and grandpa all at the same time.  Maybe ordering these for one person a week would be more realistic).
  • I should get a check this week which will pay off the money I took from our emergency fund for the computer, next I will have to replace the money I took from the fund for the dentist.
  • I want to write another article for Freelance Switch this week (I'm not sure if I am "official"with them or not but instead of submitting articles to them through their website like I have been doing, they gave me a password to their Wordpress account and told me to mark it 'for review'...hmmm).
That's all, this looks much more realistic.  And I love the roses that are blooming right outside of where we live (hubby likes them because the complex takes care of them instead of him having to be the gardener!).


  1. Your juggling your emergency fund is very typical of my situation. In and out, but thank goodness it is there. I love roses, but in someone elses yard.

  2. Good luck with your goals this week! Interesting about the Freelance Switch, sounds like you're "official" to me!! :)