Tuesday, October 30, 2012

100 Preparedness Items You Can Buy for Under $10

I am so thankful that our friends and family on the East Coast survived Hurricane Sandy with little more than a lot of rain (thankfully no flooding or wind damage!!).  We were pretty much glued to the TV news yesterday as we waited and watched what was going on there but while we were home all day, hubby decided to break out our box of emergency supplies and see if there were things that needed to be replaced/updated/etc.  Turns out we still have a pretty good supply of gear and other items that would help us survive a disaster but the batteries were dead in the flashlights and the food was way past expired so we will be replacing these items ASAP.  Which brings me to this post...here are 100 survival and preparedness items that you can buy with a spare $10.  Having a few things is better than having nothing when it comes to a disaster so it isn't like you need to run out and buy everything on this list right away but little by little you can buy these items and end up with a pretty good-sized tub of emergency supplies.

  1. A few cases of bottled water.
  2. Non perishable, easy to eat food (cans of tuna, jars of peanut butter, dried fruit, granola bars, jerky, etc)
  3. Flashlights.
  4. Spare batteries.
  5. A battery/solar radio.
  6. Rope.
  7. Paracord.
  8. Tarps.
  9. Matches.
  10. Ziploc bags.
  11. Duct tape.
  12. Roll of heavy plastic sheeting.
  13. Sturdy plastic garbage bags.
  14. Work gloves.
  15. First aid kit supplies.
  16. Car cell phone charger.
  17. Whistles.
  18. Manual can opener.
  19. Dust masks.
  20. Wet wipes.
  21. Bungie cords.
  22. Glow sticks.
  23. Chemical hand warmers.
  24. Toilet paper.
  25. Hand sanitizer.
  26. Poster paper and markers.
  27. Board games.
  28. Paper plates/plastic utensils.
  29. Spare towels.
  30. Spare blankets.
  31. Shovel.
  32. Pocket knife.
  33. Firestarter (flint and steel).
  34. Compass.
  35. Large plastic water container.
  36. Spare gas can.
  37. Spare gas.
  38. Water purification tablets.
  39. Rain poncho.
  40. Signal mirror.
  41. Signal flares.
  42. Jumper cables.
  43. Fix a flat.
  44. Tools (hammer, screwdriver, pliers, etc).
  45. Sterno.
  46. Spare house key.
  47. $10 bill.
  48. $10 in change.
  49. "Breaker" bar.
  50. Spare socks.
  51. Vitamins.
  52. Bag of grain (rice, etc) or dried beans.
  53. Latex gloves.
  54. Bottles of fuel for the camp stove.
  55. Sewing kit.
  56. Hat.
  57. Bandanas.
  58. Suntan lotion.
  59. Plastic goggles or safety glasses.
  60. Map of local area.
  61. Big plastic tub to put these supplies in.
  62. Foil "emergency" space blankets.
  63. Multi tool.
  64. Nalgene water bottle.
  65. Hard copies of all of your important documents.
  66. Tool to shut off gas/water main valve.
  67. Extra prescription medications.
  68. Baby items (diapers, formula, etc)
  69. Books (especially "how to" survival books but also some for entertainment).
  70. Senior items (diapers, hearing aid batteries, etc).
  71. Pet supplies (extra food, cat litter, etc).
  72. Scissors.
  73. Bleach.
  74. Utility knife.
  75. Current photos of all family members and pets.
  76. Spare cell phone battery.
  77. Bug spray.
  78. Sling shot.
  79. Box of BBs.
  80. Vitamins.
  81. Treats (chocolate, candy, cookies, etc).
  82. Tweezers.
  83. Feminine supplies.
  84. Heavy duty aluminum foil.
  85. Roll of food grade plastic wrap.
  86. Candles.
  87. 5 gallon plastic bucket with lid.
  88. Paper and pen/pencil.
  89. Lysol or other disinfectant.
  90. Binoculars.
  91. Walking staff.
  92. Daypack/knapsack.
  93. Ax/hatchet.
  94. Fishing kit.
  95. Fix it kit (nails, screws, wire, zip ties, rubber bands, etc).
  96. Magnifying glass.
  97. Funnel.
  98. Fixed blade knife.
  99. Car rescue tool.
  100. Fluorescent flagging tape.

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  1. Fantastic list and most would still be under $10 even in here in Canada.