Monday, October 29, 2012

30 Ways to Make Extra Money

For the month of November, my challenge is to make $2000.  Since I don't have an actual job, the challenge will be even more difficult because I have to devise ways to make money AND earn what is a pretty substantial pile of cash.  Here's 30 ways I came up with to generate some extra income:

  1. Sell stuff on eBay.  I still have a few Coach purses that I never use and a few other things that could bring in some cash.
  2. Sell stuff on CraigsList.  We have the cute chairs that we trash picked a couple of weeks ago which could be sold and a few other items that could be sold as well on CL.
  3. Buy and resell things like Lorraine does.
  4. Sell gold and jewelry.  I did this a few years ago and made a lot of money.  I don't have that much jewelry left that I don't use but there is a bit so I may check into this.
  5. Pick up some gigs on CraigsList (unfortunately many of the gigs are kind of skeevy but there may be a few legitimate ways to make money).
  6. Generate money from some previous clients by writing grants and doing other small jobs for them.
  7. Increase my Adsense revenue.  It has gone up a bit over the past couple of months but maybe I can make it go up even more.
  8. Do a bunch of promotion for my book so I can increase sales (so far sales have been very small but then again, I haven't done any promotion at all).
  9. Entertain people on the Las Vegas Strip for tips.  Unfortunately it is now illegal to sell water and other items on the Strip but entertaining people is still allowed.
  10. There is a lab here that pays people to be medical guinea pigs.  Sounds scary to me but...well, maybe.
  11. Sell blood.  Unfortunately my blood has never been that great so I'm not sure if it would be sell-able but many people do this to earn extra cash.
  12. Have a garage sale.  We don't have much to sell yet but this is a pretty popular way to earn money in our neighborhood--a few people do this EVERY weekend.
  13. Go trash picking and dumpster diving; this would give me things to sell.
  14. Put up a sign at the library and become a tutor.  Many people seem to be doing this at our local library.
  15. Trim shrubs.  We were going to pay a service $30 to trim the shrubs in our yard but they didn't show up on the day they said they would so hubby took the $30 and went and bought an electric shrub trimmer and we did the job ourselves.  It was pretty easy and I see a bunch of neighbors who could use this service.
  16. Sell a website.  I have one website that could be better monetized.  If I sell this I may be able to make a good amount of cash.
  17. Do some more freelance webdesign work.  I know a guy who owns a hosting company that asked if I wanted to do some extra work for him so I may give him a call and take him up on the offer.
  18. Rent out our extra bedrooms on AirBNB.  Hubby would probably not like this idea very much but it could bring in some extra cash.
  19. Take pictures.  I read an article recently (sorry can't find it) where people get paid to take photos for Google places.  I happen to live in a very photographic city.
  20. Make a YouTube channel for hubby about his cooking and make some ad money.  He is an amazing cook and people are always asking how he makes certain recipes.
  21. I love to bake.  I realize there are a lot of regulations when you want to set up any type of food sales but maybe I can bake some stuff and sell it to hungry kids at the local university.
  22. Sell stuff on the side of the road.  People seem to do that a lot around here with rugs and other things. There are lots of vacant lots near the city and they just seem to set up shop one day then are gone the next.  I could buy produce/other stuff wholesale and sell it.
  23. Walk people.  Everyone walks dogs but I haven't heard of anyone walking people.  I like to walk and other people say they need to walk more so I could show up and "walk" them everyday.
  24. Take surveys.  I tried the online survey thing which didn't work out very well but the other day I did a quick survey at Walmart and made $5.  I can find a local survey company and sign up to do their surveys for cash.
  25. Be a Vegas tour guide.  I live in a very touristy area so could easily find great things to show people.
  26. Buy $5 pizzas from Little Caesars and sell them at the university for $10.
  27. Rent out my cousins condo.  Our cousin has a condo that we lived in before we moved to our house.  She doesn't rent it out because it is a hassle so it just sits empty except for the couple of months a year that she comes to Vegas.  I could rent it and share the profit with her.
  28. Freelance writing.  I've done this in the past but one of my favorite places to write for changed their format.  I would need to find other places that pay for freelance articles.
  29. Collect bottles and cans then drive to the California border and sell them.  We don't have a recycling program here that pays for bottles and cans but they do in California which is a short drive away.
  30. Sell my photos on Shutterstock.  I just found out about this service and I have a ton of photos I could sell.

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