Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

Ive never done this before but it is a popular Sunday post over at Carla's Blog.  Here's goes...

First, you post a picture...  I love dahlias!

Then you answer these questions, what are you...

  • Reading:  'A Dangeous Love' by Sabrina Jeffries.  I was able to check out the ebook from my local library and download it to the Kindle app on my computer.
  • Watching:  Nothing now but soon the news...I want to find out what is happening on the East Coast.
  • Listening to:  Hubby watching a video of one of our family reunions from 20 years ago.  The kids were young teenagers then!
  • Cooking/Baking:  Nothing.  Hubby is going to cook me a nice shrimp and bok choy stir fry for dinner though.  He is an awesome cook!
  • Happy you accomplished this week:  Remade eight websites in WordPress.  Whew!  There was quite the learning curve, culminating when I spent four hours today looking through code and tweaking it to try to get rid of the page names.  Then I found the little box at the bottom of each page that said "hide page names".  Duh.
  • Looking forward to next week:  Halloween.  We don't even have a plan yet so either we will stay home and give away candy or go downtown to the Fremont Experience and hang with all of the revelers.
  • Thankful for today:  My amazing hubby--he is always so sweet to me!
  • Are you located in an are that's supposed to be affected by Hurricane Sandy?  Nope, thank goodness.  

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