Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Got a New Phone!

Well I have been thinking about getting a new phone for AGES (I mean I put more thought into getting a smart phone than I did when I bought a new car or even a house!) and after much pondering and weighing the merits of keeping my old dumb phone or getting a 3g/wif fi tablet or getting a smartphone I decided on getting the phone.  I'm not so sure I really NEED this type of phone--after all I only talk and text to the hubby and a few friends--but I love having super speedy internet and a whole bunch of cool apps with me at all times and I just thought it was time to drag myself into the 21st century.  $300 dollars later, I have a new phone.
I am happy with the phone so far and I am really happy with the prepaid TMobile plan ($30 a month for 100 minutes of talk and unlimited text and data).  I had bought a smart phone last year but after a couple of months I didn't like the idea that I was paying an extra $20 a month for the data part (making my prepaid plan $50 a month) but now that Walmart offers a $30 a month plan I am really happy with the whole smartphone deal.  Of course when you have a prepaid plan you get to pay in full for the phone up front (thus the $300) but when you calculate the savings over a prepaid phone and prepaid plan versus getting a "free" phone with a two year contract, you literally save thousands of dollars going the prepaid route.
Now I'm off to find some cool apps to download!


  1. Great! I'm so glad you finally got your smartphone. We got our daughter an iPad for her birthday and she's using that for all her internet stuff as well as for taking notes in school and drawing! So we decided to drop her $83 a month smartphone in favor of a Tracphone. Between the two devices she can do all she needs to and the cost savings is substantial.

    1. That was my second option (and why it took me so long to decide). I LOVE the new tablets but can't justify having a nice tablet and a smartphone when I am on my computer a lot during the day anyway. I think if I had a more mobile lifestyle I would have opted for the tablet/dumb phone option.

  2. How exciting! Let us know what apps you like.

  3. Yeah..I tried the whole "I'm in front of a computer all day and all evening, why do I need a smartphone" argument for 2 years with DH. I finally lost and he got me one for Christmas. I CAN"T PUT IT DOWN....even though I have a Kindle I love reading on the phone almost as much and I love that the 2 devices sync together to my last read page. MyFitnessPal is awesome for calorie tracking and don't get me started on Words with Friends...Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!

  4. My daughter is on the same T-mobile plan, it works great for her usage, since she doesn't use her phone to talk very often.

  5. I'm glad that you thought really well on what phone to buy and coming up with something that you will use for a couple of years. Getting a new phone now is the trend, and being able to download various applications is a must. If, in the future, you want to get a newer phone and you don't want to spend a hefty amount of cash. You can always sell your old phone and just add a little cash to your profit. Hope it helps! :)

    Joanna Daniels