Friday, January 18, 2013

Our Trip to LA

I got the email yesterday that we will be in the audience for the Jeff Probst show on January 30th (this was one of my goals for this year).  I'm so excited!!!!  I love the show and watch it anytime I am by a TV at 2 in the afternoon.  The show is always positive and inspiring unlike other daytime TV talk shows so this should be a wonderful experience!
To get to Los Angeles where the show is taped, our options are to rent a car (our car is old and hubby is afraid it might break down if we drive it so far), pay for gas, pay for a hotel room, and pay extra for car insurance (expensive because it is through the car rental agency but since we only carry liability on our old car it is a necessity).  We would need to get a hotel because we have to be at the studio by 9am and it is a six hour drive from Las Vegas.
Or...I came up with a better, if more off-beat idea.  We can take the Megabus from Las Vegas for $12 each person, each way.  Leave at midnight, sleep on the bus, arrive at 6am, take the city bus to the studio, enjoy the show, go get lunch, then take the Megabus back at 5pm, arriving back in Las Vegas at 11pm.  I think that will be the way we go because it is #1, much cheaper, #2, it means we won't have to drive, and #3 saves us staying in a hotel.
The next couple of weeks will be super busy, we have three hikes and one volksmarch planned, we will go to a comedy club tomorrow night and I have a genealogy society meeting tomorrow, we reserved the hotel in downtown Las Vegas for next week for two nights (free from hubby's online poker winning), while we are staying downtown I will go to a Jelly meet up (it's a tech group that meets every week but I am usually too lazy at night to drag myself out for their 8pm meeting but since we will be right down the street from where they meet I will definitely make it a point to attend), and we also will go swimming (both of us, again, it's on my goal list) and ice skating (just me, hubby said no way to that but it is also on my goal list and I haven't skated in ages).  Whew!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Sounds like a plan, but what on earth is a Megabus?

    1. Megabus ( is a relatively popular, very cheap bus service. It started on the east coast but now serves the southwest too. They have some awesome specials like Washington DC to New York for $5. Recently they had a $1 special from Las Vegas to Los Angeles!