Thursday, January 17, 2013

Walking...And Other Things

Who knew that walking and hiking could be so much fun in January?  The hubby and I enjoyed our hike last week (even though it was freezing because of an unexpected's much warmer today) so we signed up for another free hike next Monday.  I was able to find a great deal on some comfy walking shoes (see photo above, they are from Marshalls and were on clearance for $22!), and now I am in the middle of putting together hiking bags for us (I'll display the contents in a future post).  I also got my annual membership to the volksmarchers in the mail ($10 for a year, walks are $3 each if you want credit otherwise you can just walk for free) and my goal is to walk 500k with that group this year (helped along greatly when we go to Victoria, BC in April so I can walk a marathon with the BC volksmarchers).
Other things I did this week:

  • Got free tickets for another comedy show through FillASeat which we will watch tomorrow.
  • Joined the local genealogical society so I can learn more about what is fast becoming one of my favorite hobbies (our first meeting of the year is this Saturday).
  • Signed up to be in the audience of the Jeff Probst show (I love that show!) which will be either the last week of January or the first week of February.
  • Will be making reservations tomorrow for our stay at the Golden Nugget in downtown Las Vegas since the $50 voucher for dinner that the hubby won just came in my email box this morning.
I should probably find a part time job or something but I am so busy I don't know when I would have time to squeeze it in!

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