Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We Got Our Hotel Voucher!

A couple of months ago hubby won a two night stay at the Golden Nugget casino here in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately he didn't get the voucher but after many calls and emails (aka bitching and complaining) the voucher arrived in my email box this morning!
So in a couple of weeks we will spend the weekend down on Fremont where the casino is located and we will also be enjoying another voucher that he won--a $50 gift certificate for a nice restaurant at the Golden Nugget.  Hubby is a very happy camper this morning :)


  1. well done to you for not letting them get away with it.

    Enjoy your weekend,


  2. You two are certainly making the most of living in LV. You're always doing something fun at little or no cost. That's so awesome!

  3. That will be fun! Persistence pays off.