Saturday, February 9, 2013

Making Progress on My To Do List

Last week I posted my to do list here.  Since then I have been making some progress on it:

  • I made up the volksmarch I had missed.  It was free (instead of the usual $3 fee) because I got some free walk coupons in my new walker package that I got when I joined the group.  Plus hubby was nice enough to walk the 6.2 miles with me so I didn't have to walk alone.  
  • I finally got myself to the Mormon genealogy library in downtown Las Vegas and it was AMAZING! They had a ton of genealogy resources, the staff was so nice and helpful, the place was free to use even if you aren't part of their church, and I got loads of documents that otherwise I wouldn't have been able to access unless I was a paid member of (like copies of old census records, etc).
  • Hubby vacuumed out the van then I took it to get the oil changed and I was surprised that when I went to pay for the oil change the guy told me there was no charge because the hubby often drops off food for the crew that works there (they are all Filipino guys that work there and hubby often cooks Filipino food for himself so he drops the leftovers by the shop on his way to the casino).  That saved me $15!
  • My order of books got delivered a few days ago so I quickly packaged them up and sent them--at media mail rate--to friends in Washington State.  I will ask them to help me promo them by writing a review on Amazon or telling their friends about the book.  So while this cost me about $85 to order the books and mail them, I am hoping it is a good investment in future sales.
  • I ordered another birth and death certificate which is kind of expensive ($26 and $20 respectively) but on a happy note, I occasionally run across free resources in my research (some states have genealogy records archived so I have found some marriage certificates and death records for free online).
  • And finally, I sent a nice email to my friend to see where my checks were.  I was kind of uncomfortable doing this because it is hard to ask for money but it was owed to me and while she is usually timely in paying me, these checks were nearly two months late.  By the time she got my email, she had already sent the checks so I did receive them and a very nice apology in my voice mail because she had been overwhelmed at work lately.
Overall, a very productive few days. 

p.s. To my friends on the east coast, I hope you are staying safe and warm this weekend!!!


  1. You get things done girl! And your hubby is a really super guy too!

  2. I am reading through and catching up on your blog. This is a great idea to post your To-Do list for the month. I think I'll do the same.

    Also, I see you are on Twitter. I will definitely be following you.