Monday, January 6, 2014

5 Things About Technology

It's been a busy tech week around here...

  1. I was reading somewhere that you could update your phone online so I thought I would give it a try.  I Googled "how to update Samsung Galaxy S2" and it took me right to the page where I could update my phone for free through Samsung (the software downloads through my computer right to my cell phone which is connected via USB).  I did both hubby's and my phones since they are exactly the same and now my phone works better and with the new software even looks like a new phone!
  2. As you could see from my post yesterday, I ended up buying another tablet.  When I returned the previous tablet I saw that Best Buy was selling the Samaung Galaxy Tab 3 7" tablets for $139.  This is a HUGE saving over it's usual price ($199) and also much cheaper than the other tablets I was looking at (Surface, Samsung 10" tablets, etc).  I am SOOO  happy with it!  I made it my "work" tablet so no social media/games/etc on it.  I did download a free Office suite (Kingsoft Office; it allows you to create MS Office compatible documents/Excel/PPT) and a free swype-type keyboard (Touch PalX).  I wrote an entire chapter of my book on it while hubby was bowling today!  At first I thought it would be too small since it is only a couple inches bigger than my cell phone and a 10" tablet seems more work-like but it is perfect.  I hold it in one hand and can swype type with ease.  Also reading Kindle books on it is great too!
  3. One thing about buying tech, when you buy one tech item, that purchase often needs additional purchases to make it "complete".  Case in point, hubby bought a soundbar for our TV at the end of last month then when we went to set it up a couple days ago, it needed a special cord to connect it (thus the purchase a couple days ago).  And for my new tablet, since I am sure I am going to keep it and it is a bit fragile, I had to order a cover for it.  The covers are incredibly cheap from Amazon but still, it was an added expense during our no spend month.  I will wait until later to get a memory card for the table as I really don't need one now.
  4. As you can tell from the photo, hubby got busy again and made me a padded pocket for the table so I can slip it into my purse without the tablet getting scratched or squished.  Again, reusing a padded mailing envelope that would otherwise have been thrown away.  This definitely saved me a few dollars and gave me piece of mind that the tablet will be protected.
  5. Finally, I have been saving a lot of money online lately.  When I get my Baskin Robbins Blast I get the receipt with the drink then by filling out a survey online, I get $1 off my next purchase (perpetually it seems like).  Then I commented on one of my favorite romance writer's blog and she sent me a $10 Amazon gift card!  This went to pay for most of the tablet cover above as I didn't realize that I had to pay for shipping from Amazon (before Christmas Amazon was shipping all items for free).  It still saved me $10 which was great!  Plus I have two more surveys waiting to be done, one for $10 off at Office Depot and one for Albertsons.  I guess taking a couple of minutes to fill out surveys online really pays off!
Daily update:
  • Walk:  2 miles (984 more miles to go.  The weather has been perfect and hubby has been walking with me everyday).
  • No spend:  Total: $18.06.  $8.01 (Amazon, tablet cover and shipping), $10.05 (Albertsons; 1 lb cheese, 2 dozen eggs, bunch of kale, 4 cinnamon rolls)
  • Update this blog: yep
  • Update client's blog: yep
  • Photo: yep
  • Client work: 3 hours today (yeah!)
  • Genealogy:  yep (I've got a long list of documents to order, unfortunately all will cost money)
  • Non fiction book:  one section
  • Fiction book: a whole chapter done on my new tablet!

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  1. My FIL just bought the same tablet and it looks awesome!! Only it was on sale here for $199! You got a rockin' deal!! Wow... oh! I just downloaded a kindle freebie today, no idea if it's any good, but worth a shot right?