Sunday, January 5, 2014

In Praise of Mexican Grocery Stores

We were driving along today and noticed that a new grocery store had appeared in what used to be a big vacant space.  The Mexican grocery stores in Las Vegas aren't small, hole-in-the-wall places but huge stores like Stop and Shop/Albertsons/Piggly Wiggly/etc.  So of course we stopped (and of course we much for a no spend day today).  The prices were SO GOOD there!  Everything in the picture above costs a total of $8.30 (there was one more bolilo roll but hubby ate it on the way home because it was hot and fresh right out of the oven)!

Daily Update

  • Walk:  2 miles (986 more miles to go!)
  • No spend:  Total spent $170.65.  Grocery shopping $8.30, lunch at the same Mexican store above $7.99, new tablet $151.33 (more on the tablet tomorrow), Baskin Robbins Blast $3.43
  • Update this blog:  yep
  • Update client's blog:  nope, not on Sundays
  • Photo on Instagram:  yep
  • Client work:  nope, not on Sunday
  • Paleo:  fail.  This is coming off the list but I will endeavor to keep wheat and dairy free (which didn't happen today, first I got a blast--dairy--then they were having free cheese samples at the Mexican store and I couldn't pass them up...yum queso fresco!
  • Genealogy:  yep.  Finished up with a bunch more additions to a generation 5 family (if you want to find out more about your ancestors, go to and start putting in names.  You will be surprised what you find!).
  • Non fiction book: one more section done
  • Fiction book: one more small part done

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