Friday, January 3, 2014

A Small Update on My Daily Goals

We are only three days into the new year and one of my daily goes has already fell by the wayside :(  Although I have only been updating a few of the daily goals here on this blog, I may start listing all of them at the bottom of my posts.  Here's today's complete update:

  1. Walk (2 miles, again with hubby, again in the nice sunshine. Only 994 more miles to go!)
  2. No spend ($0. Yeah!  We are hoping to do at least 15 no spend days this month)
  3. Update this blog (done :)    )
  4. Update client's blog (done)
  5. Put photo on Instagram (done)
  6. Do client work (I'm hoping to get two or three hours a day so I will have a big paycheck at the end of the month.  Today I did two hours)
  7. Paleo (fail!  A lady at bowling brought chocolate and I couldn't resist and then hubby forgot I was doing paleo and got me a free hot chocolate and since I didn't want to dump it out I drank it.  Still no wheat or dairy but not all paleo either.  This goal will probably be dropped because I have NO WILLPOWER!!!)
  8. Genealogy (yep, reorganizing my files and making a list of documents to order)
  9. Work on non fiction book (done; I am only updating one section a day and it only takes about a half hour)
  10. Work on novel to submit to RITA (used my new tablet/laptop and did A LOT of revisions while hubby was bowling today.  I love the tablet and love that I can get so much work done while hubby is bowling for two hours)
I am also keeping a shopping list.  We are hoping that (somehow) we can only spend money once a week on shopping day.  This should help us spend less (when we shop daily the money just seems to slip through our fingers) and also give us a few days to think about purchases on the list and determine if we really need them or not (we tend to think we need something then buy it then find that maybe we didn't really need it).


  1. I need to set goals for each day......still busy decluttering though. Good luck with your goals.

  2. Just got the book "Your Personal Paleo Code" by Chris Kresser -- good reading. On day 4 of my 30 day reset. A girlfriend is also doing it so we support each other.