Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Temper Temper

I could have sworn today would be a full moon but I Googled it and the next full moon will be on January 16th.  So I don't know why people are so grouchy today.  It started out with me being grouchy.  I think it is a combination of me, 46, being pre-menopausal--to the point where I can feel myself being unreasonably cranky--and hubby--65--being senile (not really but when he does something like forget something important or drive like a lunatic and I swear I will take the car keys away from him...) well you can imagine how our day was going today.

And then we get to the post office and the lines were really long and a lady came in, told the entire crowd she was disabled and got to go to the head of the line, and no less than ten people started shouting at her (I mean they were right, how was everyone supposed to know she was disabled when she comes storming in like she was in fine health?) and I even heard swear words I've never heard before.  Then I had to laugh.  I may be cranky on the inside but I don't go off like that!  So I figured it must be a full moon but it wasn't so people are just in general...cranky?  The lady definitely could have handled the situation in a better way.

The postal guy helped her first, the crowd was grumbly, I thought one guy would pop the lady as she left because she got in his face as she left and said "ha! told you so" and I just couldn't believe people would be so rude.  Unfortunately the first thing I noticed when we moved to Vegas was that people are really rude here in general (maybe coming from Georgia were people were excessively nice made it more noticeable).

So I went home, walked a quick two miles, and felt much better.

Daily update:

  • Walk: 2 miles (it's a great stress reliever.  980 miles to go).
  • No spend:  ROFL  Today was shopping day so we spent a total of $111.68.  I am really hoping we finish the month with a bunch of no spend days.  FWIW we spent $30.49 at the Goodwill (10 shirts, 3 hats, 4 Adidas workout pants for hubby as he likes to bowl in these), $14.32 at the 99 Cent Store (duct tape, small notebook for me, big tarp, cooking spray, mustard, loaf of bread, popcorn, jr mints, 18 oz broccoli, bundle of green onions, 2 lb carrots, four heads lettuce), $30.54 at the Asian store (2 tubs candied ginger which helps hubby with diabetic sugar drops, 1 lb shrimp, 2 qt soy sauce, cookies, dry noodles, 5 sauce mixes, 1.6 lb bok choy, head cabbage, 1 lb garlic, fresh noodles), and $36.37 at Walmart (4 house keys made, hemming tape, 3 lbs mandarin oranges, mayonnaise, salad dressing, coffee creamer, bananas, .5 lb turkey, 2 bottles cranberry juice, 1.5 lb cheese).  I'm hopping not to have another big shopping day like that for a while.
  • Update this blog: yep :)
  • Update client blog: yep
  • Photo: yep
  • Client work: 1 hour (I thought it might slow down and I would be at 0 hours soon but she just called and said the state gave her a lot of work to get done by the end of the month so I will be more than happy to do as much work as she will give me)
  • Genealogy: a tiny bit of research.  I need to get to the genealogy library where I can download a lot of documents behind pay walls for free.
  • Writing: yep!!  I got four pages written on my tablet while hubby bowled today.  The tablet has definitely been a good investment in my writing career!  


  1. Maybe it has something to do with the weather? Generally speaking though, if you want to find cranky people, go to any post office.

  2. LOL you are right, Ive seen plenty of unhappy people at post offices just never unhappy people who were yelling and swearing like they were going to get in a bar fight!