Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

To all of you mothers and mother substitutes out there, happy Mother's Day!  Most moms don't have it easy and finances are one of the main difficulties--do you want to work and earn money or stay home with your kids?  Do you even have a choice?  How do you stretch what income you have to cover all of your children's wants and some of their needs?  Will they be ostracized by their peers if they don't have the latest iPhone?  Can you afford an iPhone for them?  Can you afford to even put food on the table and shoes on their feet?  I know a lot of mothers, none of them are perfect, none of them have had an easy task of raising kids to adulthood but they all do their best and they all sacrifice for their kids.  I'm glad that at least one day a year is set aside to recognize how important moms are (although a monthly "be nice to mom day", at least through the teen years wouldn't be a bad idea but I digress...).  Hopefully you are having a wonderful day today with your kids or with kids who, while they may not be "yours", look up to you as they would a mother.  Enjoy!

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