Wednesday, April 29, 2020

It's Getting Hot Out There

Well we didn't break a temperature record today but it was close.  Needless to say, this sudden high heat has put a crimp in our outdoor walking which is a bummer.  So hubby and I just hang out at home and do some calisthenics and call it good.  Unfortunately our governor is set to extend the lockdown for a while longer (no idea how long that will be) which means there won't be any place open like bigger stores or casinos or malls, where we usually do our walking during the summer.  This may have been why the stores seemed so crowded the last couple of days--people are tired of being home 24/7!


  1. You might have to set your alarm for 5 am to get any exersize! Just heard Costco USA (and likely Canada to follow) as of May 4th will start to roll out mandatory face coverings for staff and clients - I know that will be so much better for both you and I. Not all are doing at the same time though, not sure why.

    1. We are definitely going to try to exercise earlier in the day which is par for the course in the desert SW during the summer!