Sunday, October 4, 2020

This Week in Frugality

We've just been going along as usual, trying to avoid politic and the pandemic (a bit difficult when the worst presidential debate in history was quickly followed by the president being hospitalized with the coronavirus!).  It is still 100-ish degrees every day (and it's October!) and still no rain.  As you can see in the photo above, our neighbors have already decorated for Halloween.  In frugal news...

  • I used an $8.99 coupon that came in our junk mail to get a haircut at Great Clips.
  • We got the tires rotated for free at Discount Tire (we do this annually and it is indeed free although we do tip the guy who does the work).  They would have charged an arm and a leg to do the tire rotation at the dealership.
  • Using the app for our local grocery store, we got four pounds of strawberries for 49 cents a pound.
  • We will pick up hubby's prescriptions tomorrow at the military base (free).  Fortunately all of his prescriptions are for 90 days but I reorder them the minute I can because we don't want to be caught short on medication should the base shut down again due to the pandemic.
  • We have been continuing to add to our food stockpiles.  The daughter, her boyfriend, her son, his wife, and their baby (hubby's great grand daughter!) will be coming to visit in a couple weeks so all of this food will go to good use.
  • Finally hubby's disability increase from the VA was settled which resulted in a minor windfall of money and a big jump in the disabled veteran discount on our car registration that is offered by our county (where a regular registration would cost $350 a year, with the discount we will pay around $40 a year).
In not-frugal news, my nephew just bought a house in Los Angeles (his first as his job had him working all over the world before so he is happy to settle down in one place) and he paid $805k for it!  He wanted to buy a house where he is currently living in Santa Monica but he said he couldn't find anything for under two million dollars so he settled for a little ways outside of Santa Monica.  Those prices are literally insane!


  1. I am trying to get my prescriptions that are 30-day switched to 90-day. I like that decoration!

    1. 90mday prescriptions are really the way to go. It saves time over getting them monthly and then if there is a glitch or major disaster, you already have a little stockpile of them!