Monday, November 27, 2023

15 Random Things

In no particular order...

  1. I got the infographic above from Lorraine's FB post.  This is an excellent list of end-of-life documents that everyone should have!
  2. Speaking of Lorraine, I was sad to see that she might discontinue blogging.  I have read her blog for more than a decade!  I tend to blog a lot for a while than a little but so far I have no plans to stop altogether.  As far as her reasons for quitting like nefarious stuff, that is pretty much a done deal for all of us (you can put your blog in this website and see that it is immortalized online FOREVER...eeekkk).
  3. In fact, nearly everything you do these days is tracked, collated, and analyzed.  Everything!  Double eeekkk.
  4. The cats have disappeared!  We haven't seen hide nor hair of any of them for nearly a week.  I miss them and hope someone took them in and gave them a warm place to stay over the winter.
  5. Speaking of winter, it was 35 degrees this morning!  It's getting cold in Vegas now.
  6. Thanksgiving went well.  We made several dishes and hubby's cousin joined us for a nice lunch (as long as we weren't "celebrating" a holiday she was good with it).  Some people just don't like holidays!
  7. I successfully avoided buying anything from the massive Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday sales.  Yay me!  There really isn't anything we need even though "bigger and better" things are being advertised all over the place.
  8. Speaking of blogging and/or not blogging, I have thought about starting a YouTube channel.  The only problem, more like problems, are that #1 I express myself way better in writing than talking, #2 I am utterly terrible at editing video, and #3 I am not sure what I would talk about in my videos as the most successful channels focus on one thing (tech, money, investing, etc).  If I decide to start a channel, I will definitely let you know.
  9. Work is wonderful as always (or almost always).  I love my job!
  10. I need a nap.  My niece needed a ride to the airport this 4am.  While I am a morning person, I'm not a fan of being up that early in the morning.
  11. This is our anniversary week!  I met hubby 37 years ago last weekend (the weekend before Thanksgiving I delivered a pizza to him back when I was in college), our first date was 37 years ago today (he called me the weekend after Thanksgiving and asked me out so our first date was the Monday after Thanksgiving), and 34 years ago we got married on November 30th!
  12. Using the Edge browser is working well for Blogger.  It seems Blogger isn't a fan of the Brave or Firefox browsers but it works perfectly well on the Windows Edge browser.
  13. If you are thinking of moving, these towns will actually pay you to move there.
  14. Things I am NOT looking forward to: the upcoming presidential election season, the upcoming tax season (I am pretty sure I will owe this year), and the holiday gift giving season (it now costs a small fortune to send gifts overseas but NOT sending gifts really isn't an option without insulting people).
  15. Things I am looking forward to: the kids are planning a surprise for hubby's 75th birthday in a couple months.  While I am usually in charge of everything, I was pleasantly surprised that his daughters wanted to take the lead on this.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with 30+ kids/kid's spouses/grandkids that are going to converge on Vegas in a couple months.  eeekkk


  1. How did he get your phone number? Ask you as you delivered?
    I was not aware of all the powers of attomey.
    Cold here tonight, below freezing at least. Tommy covered all the pots of flowers, most of which are not blooming. I will wonder all winter how many made it since we had a freeze already.
    I use edge for everything and have never used any of the other browsers.
    Tommy will be 70 in December, and I am looking for a way to decorate the yard. He won't have company except for me. So, it will all have to happen outdoors. I know your husband will enjoy the crowd.

    1. Actually he just called the restaurant and I happened to answer the phone! Happy early birthday to Tommy!

  2. Thanks for the mention. I haven't made a final decision just yet. Hope all those kitties are ok. Happy anniversary week!

    1. Thanks! I hope you continue blogging since I love reading your blog! I like reading about all of the cool, creative things you do!

  3. Happy early Anniversary to you and your husband! I would love to hear more about that! Glad your Thanksgiving went well. I hate to hear the kitties have disappeared, but I do hope they are warm and well fed. I have also kicked around the idea of a YouTube channel, but I don't think I would have anything interesting to say! Haha! I also don't like the way my voice sounds, so there's that! I'm also not looking forward to the upcoming election season at all. I'm sure tax time won't be great, either. Aye-yi-yi! Haha! Let's just hope it all blows over relatively quietly.