Friday, June 24, 2011

Splurge! And A List of Things I No Longer Pay For

I was debating about using my limited funds to get my nails done when my SIL surprised me with the cash for a mani and pedi.  This might not seem like much to most people but considering I haven't done this in many months, it was a very nice surprise for me.  A few years back this was a bi-weekly thing for me--every two or three weeks get my nails done--but now it is a rare treat. This was just one of the many reasons I was so deep in debt!  Then I got to thinking about the many things I no longer regularly spend my money on...
  • regular manicures and pedicures (I do this myself but not very well)
  • the newspaper (I read it online)
  • magazine subscriptions (ditto)
  • weekly clothes shopping (now I might buy something every month or two)
  • a new designer handbag at least once a month (I haven't bought one of these in ages either)
  • eating out every day (we have cut down to once every week or two)
  • a home phone (I don't actually have a home now but still, a home phone is practically unnecessary for many people these days)
  • bank fees (my credit unions offer free checking and savings accounts)
  • gym membership (walking is free)
  • buying books (now I read free books online or go to the library)
  • expensive salon haircuts (now I go to the local place that charges $12)
  • designer makeup (I've switched from the makeup counter at Macy's to the makeup aisle at Walmart)
  • expensive perfume (now I buy a $4 bottle of scented lotion on sale at Bath and Bodyworks and skip the $80 perfume)
  • movies in a theater (I walked by the movie theater at the mall last week just to see what was playing and was shocked to see that it cost $11 just to see a movie these days!  That doesn't even include popcorn!)
That's just a few of the things I thought about today when I considered how much I have cut my spending over the past few years.  These small changes really do save a lot of money!


  1. That's a nice treat!! :) I've never had a mani or pedi... One day! I've cut out much the same as you, except we still go to the theaters, but rarely to the full price one!

  2. Carla, You should treat yourself at least once to try it out. These days I only get my nails done for special occassions--for some reason it always looks much better when they do it than when I do it. Also, check around, prices can range from $25 for both a mani and pedi which we paid yesterday (local Asian salon) to around $80 (mall salon).

  3. I've cut things out too. It all helps.

  4. Pretty toes! I've never had a mani or pedi either. And I stopped buying dept cosmetics years ago. Never owned a designer bag or had a gym membership. We only go the theatre if a movie is something worth seeing on the big screen. But we do splurge on Dish Network and we love the DVR.