Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It Works!

That's what hubby and I both said as soon as we plugged our TV into the digital antenna.  We couldn't believe we could have TV without paying for cable but we figured out that it was actually possible...
Well, first we moved our stuff in to our new rental condo.  Hubby HATES moving so I am betting that we will live in our next house until we die or something because we are too cheap to hire someone to move our stuff and too weak to easily move our stuff ourselves (but we do it anyway and it takes forever and we both feel like we have gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson...).
Then we set up our TVs and debated our TV options.  Cable was expensive ($90 a month intro fee for cable TV, phone, and internet then after six months it jumps up to $150+) and even getting just cable TV and internet would set us back over $80 a month so I did a bit of research and found that if you buy a digital TV antenna, you can catch over the air HDTV signals so we bought the antenna ($20 at Walmart) and plugged it into the TV and we were able to pick up about 40 stations.  It's kind of an odd array of stations but it is TV and it covers most of what we usually watch (ABC, CBS, NBC).  Then, just as I was going to call the cable company and order internet only, the manager of the complex pointed out that there was free wifi there so needless to say hubby and I were elated.  Which makes our bills now:
  • Rent $600
  • Electricity $50+/- (unsure because we haven't received our first bill yet)
  • Cell phones $80
  • Storage $75 (the condo was furnished so we switched out our furniture and are now paying to store the cousins furniture in our storage unit)
  • Tithe $50
  • Medical insurance $35
  • Car insurance $35
  • Grandson's school and help for son's family in Philippines $100
Of course we also have gas, food, clothing, misc. but we try to keep these expenses as low as possible.  I am just happy that we can now finally eat all of our meals "at home" now. Yeah!
p.s. I officially got my Las Vegas driver's license today which was a whole experience in itself.  I have never seen a DMV as big as the one in Las Vegas with 35 service stations and a two hour wait.  People everywhere, lines everywhere, and the lady that helped me said they weren't even busy that day!!!


  1. I am so glad it worked and you dont have to pay a fortune for cable. Plus its got to be nice having your own furniture again. Congratulations on surviving a really busy month

  2. Thanks Judy! We are still basking in the "wow here's our pans that we havent used for a year" and "wow I really missed our good knives" thing now that we have our own stuff. Odd but fun.

  3. Aww.. So happy you're now in a "home"! And look at that working tv!! What a treat! ;) lol!

  4. We need to get rid of our cable and do this also.

  5. Rediscovering all your stuff is almost like Christmas!lol
    Congrats on lowering those media bills too. 8-) Our Christmas present from the cable co. was a fee increase....hmmm, I need to find something else here.

  6. We pay way too much for dish, internet and phone. About 200 bucks for it all. I looked into other options but the fees to break the contracts are insane. I never heard of a digital antenna. Thanks for explaining it!