Sunday, January 27, 2019

Five Things from Today

Yesterday was great, today, kind of meh...

  1. My printer ran out of ink the moment I really wanted to print out a form.  I hardly ever use the printer so I think the ink just dried up.  So do I buy new ink that I probably won't use much of ($50), buy a new printer that comes with some ink ($40), or just go have the document printed out at Office Depot ($2)?  It seems like a waste of money to buy ink that will just dry out again from lack of use--plus ink is so expensive!
  2. The SIL called and said "we are all going on a cruise".  It would be her and her hubby, another sister and her hubby, and me and my hubby.  But I am not even working!!!  So the cruise plans are up in the air and I hope I find some sort of income soon...
  3. I got a credit card bill with a late fee! :(  It is a credit card I never use so when I saw an email that said your credit card bill is ready I went to check it out thinking someone had hijacked the credit card but it turned out I had attached my annual Prime membership to that card a year ago and didn't remember so bummer...I paid the bill and promptly switched the Prime credit card to the one I use for recurring expenses.
  4. I came across this nice article on "How to be Successful".  It was a good read.
  5. We spent the day at home but needed a few groceries so we walked to the grocery store (it's warm and sunny today).  It would be wonderful to live in a small town were we could walk everywhere!

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