Saturday, January 12, 2019

Off to the Health Fair Today

It's been less than two weeks and my new year's resolution to get out and experience more free, frugal, fun things this year has already inspired me to do things I otherwise wouldn't have done.  Today I dropped hubby and the SIL off at the casino and I went over to check out the health fair that was being held at a local community center.  The cool thing about this is, #1 I got to check out this huge fitness/activity/community center that I had passed by numerous times but never stopped at, #2 I got to check out the small health fair and talk to people doing great things in our community like fitness instructors and food bank volunteers, and #3, I then went next door to the library that I hadn't been to in years and checked out at their wonderful genealogy research center (I'm actually typing this post at the library since I have some time to kill).  Overall the health fair was small but they did have a lot of fun activities for the kids like face painting and a climbing wall, and I got some great information if I ever want to join their fitness center or volunteer with non profits in the community.

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