Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Random Musings and Rants

It's been a weird day...

  • On the positive side, I told you about the can of soda that I might have "manifested" a couple of days ago.  Yesterday, since I am keeping track of free and/or cool stuff that shows up in my life, I ended up with a free donut (the poker room manager said "here take the last donut" when hubby went in to play poker) then hubby won in poker and gave me $200 of his winnings!  Today when I was wondering what the heck to do with my life, I checked Daily Word and it said "Have faith, all things are possible".  Wow what a nice message!
  • In the news today, these famous people paid up to $500k to get their dumb kids into college.  I mean if you need to pay that much just to get them an acceptance letter, #1 your ROI is going to be pretty poor me thinks and, #2 for that amount it seems like the guarantee should have been that the kid would graduate from the university cum laude or something.
  • My employment prospects are looking dismal.  First, I look at all of the jobs available in local businesses as well as local and state governments and other major employers and all seem blah to me.  The work I have been doing for the past 25 years is so niche and narrow that there really isn't a similar kind of work that I can do here and, on top of that, the government funding for this sort of work has almost entirely dried up.  Cue pity party.
  • Then late yesterday I got an email from my temporary job that I am looking forward to in May and was a bit irked/chagrined that rehires now need to do a mandatory job interview if we want to work there this year (we never had to do this in past years and everyone in charge there already knows if we are good workers/accurate/on time/etc.) and that the interview will only be held this Saturday morning (four days notice and on a holiday weekend???).  I emailed back and said I already had plans for this weekend so hopefully they will reschedule the interview.  Ugh.
  • And then my nephew messaged everyone (hubby has a huge family so all family info goes out through massive text message circles) and his doctors think he may have had a small heart attack (he is only 40!!!) and now he is in the hospital awaiting more tests and info.  His mom was just in the hospital last week for similar issues.  Yikes.  Cue me needing to hop back on the health bandwagon.  I have been walking two to six miles everyday for the past couple weeks so that is one step in the right direction.  On a side note, hubby is so pleased with the outcome of his eye surgery, he is still noticing every little thing that he hasn't been able to see in years!
  • Finally, I got my new crown today.  It looks and feels great and my local dentist is awesome.  He also gave me a great deal on future work since I am thinking about getting all of my old metal fillings changed out to new, less toxic materials.  Color me happy about how all of this worked out.
Oh well, I am positive that everything will work out fine so I shall remain hopeful!

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