Thursday, May 14, 2020

Our Trip Around Town Today

We needed to fix hubby's prescription kerfuffle so that required a trip to the far end of town.  Along the way we saw...

...our new Raider's stadium that looks nearly done (the last time we saw it it looked half built so this was a big change!)

...the casinos on The Strip are still shut down (although there are rumblings that they will soon open)

...and there were hardly any people at the famous 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign so we stopped and took a few pictures!


  1. Unfortunately, the traffic in Hueytown and Birmingham was rough. And, there were so many cars parked in front of businesses. It is scary what might happen next.

    1. Yep a lot of cities are opening everything up and once and all of the people who have basically been stuck at home for months are now flooding the streets and every open business...eeekkk!