Friday, April 22, 2022

Wonderful Things from This Week

Just a quick update...

  • The weather has been kind of crazy the past couple weeks with more wind than I've ever seen which in turn stirs up a lot of dust which in turn kills my allergies/sinuses but good news, it rained for a couple hours today so all the dust, and now wind, is gone!
  • The SIL called yesterday and said her bank replaced all $7k she lost to a scammer.  Needless to say she was super happy and we were very happy for her!
  • A friend from Japan (actually she was my host 'sister' when I was an exchange student there nearly 40 years ago) sent me a nice gift of a variety of textiles for my birthday. Japan has the best textiles and paper products I've ever seen! 

  • CrimeCon is next weekend and while I was originally going to volunteer there, I decided not to because that same weekend most of the Las Vegas Strip will be shut down for the NFL Draft.  Needless to say, locals usually avoid the Strip on regular days, but when 500,000 people are expected to attend a major event, we really make an effort to stay away!
  • A couple months ago I checked for unclaimed money for the hubby and I and today we received checks from the treasurer in the state we used to live in.  Although it was only $35, it was a nice little unexpected financial bonus.
  • Finally, hubby and I tried a bit of gardening this spring with a couple tomato plants and while the plants aren't looking that great (they are kind of brown looking instead of a nice green color) I did find one small tomato already so that was exciting! 



  1. The wind upsets my allergies, too. That is a cute little tomato. Hope you have many more.

  2. Great news in the recovery of her money. $35 in is better than out, do a win.