Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Busy Busy

Yesterday was quiet and peaceful, today was busy busy busy.  One SIL is moving here so we helped her get settled in today.  Another SIL showed up today so we had to pick her up from the airport.  We met up with friends who do the "snowbird" thing in Las Vegas and they had just found out that their home in Canada was completely flooded and won't be fixed for a few months.  This is more social than I have been in ages!

In other news, the lottery is up to $750,000(!) but since they don't sell lottery tickets in Nevada people drive to California to buy their tickets (we rarely ever buy lottery tickets so the though of standing in massively long lines to donate to the lottery isn't our thing).  Allergies are still terrible (which is the consensus of just about everyone on the local Las Vegas FB page), it was our first 80 degree day of the year (yeah!), and the brownies didn't even last 24 hours :)

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